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11 Best Free Bullet Journal Apps 2023

Bullet Journal is a journaling technique where all unnecessary factors are discarded and the owner of the journal focuses on the plans and goals to be achieved. The best free bullet journal apps will help you to do that.

And more bullet journal apps of this type can be found in this article.

Dreamfora: Daily Goal Setting

If you hate planning and the whole planner routine, then this app is perfect for you. It’s more than an app, it’s a whole community whose developers maintain and regularly update goals.

The principle of the app is simple – there is a certain goal, here it is called a dream, and this goal has the app already prescribed steps on how to achieve it.

You flip through the goals and choose what you would like to achieve and immediately add the goal to yourself. Then you will have on the main screen the tasks from this goal to be accomplished today.

When you click on a task created by the app, you will see a note for the task. The app writes why you should do it, how to do it, and how best to achieve the result.

Here you can also change the days on which you will perform this task and even set a time when you will be notified that you have to perform this task.

You can add more than one dream, usually up to five, and then all the tasks they will give you will be displayed on the main screen in a separate section, and the completed tasks for the day will be displayed under the name of the dream.

Here you can add a note to your goal and describe your notes or your thoughts or take a closer look at your goal. Your dream will not be on the general list of goals.

Your account will be visible to other users and some will even reward you with applause, supporting your aspirations. It’s very supportive and inspiring.


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