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5 Habit Tracker Apps That Help You Level Up in 2023!

Whether it's an exercise routine or starting a journaling ritual every morning, new habits can be hard to build and even harder to maintain over time. Initial enthusiasm can only take you so far, and that's exactly where these apps become your digital cheerleaders and encourage you to stick with them.



Creating new habits and the associated tasks you need to do to get there are the basics this app covers. But what is more attractive is that it already comes with many pre-programmed routines that you can use immediately and can also be customized to your needs. For example, there is a routine called the "30-Day Social Media Detox." Here you will repeat three habits during the week - take a break from social media, enjoy a hobby without a screen and turn off phone notifications. Related tasks are finding a screen-free hobby you enjoy and tracking your social media time each day. These pre-programmed options already save you the mental burden of coming up with goals and tasks to help you reach them.


Published by TechPlanet

Written by Emily Smith

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