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Honest Thoughts of a Dreamer (+Exclusive Clips)

Hi all! I hope you enjoyed my vlog on trying out the Black Widow Workout Challenge (In case you haven’t, here’s the link!) I chose Scarlett Johansson because I really admire her work ethic and all the effort she puts into playing her roles. As for my true motivation behind the video, I wanted to actually try out the Dreamfora app and see how its features work as a new intern. I hope this article can provide you with an introduction to the app and how it might help you achieve your future dreams.

Setting Up the Basics

For the first step, I set up a dream called the “Black Spider Workout” by clicking on ‘Add New’ on the Dream tab. I could have added other similar pre-made dreams, such as “Leaned, Toned & Healthy,” “Gain healthy weight,” or “Become a Morning Person” on the Discover tab, but since the challenge involved multiple dreams of a similar kind and I had specific habits I wanted to develop, I thought personalizing a dream would make things easier for me. If you want to focus on a certain dream, I would definitely recommend the pre-made dreams as they’re already planned out for you by experts!

Waking Up (Today Tab & Daily Quote)

If you’re anything like me, waking up at 7:30am is like waking up at the break of dawn. I felt groggy and would have snoozed right away if it wasn’t for the challenge and a colleague’s wake-up call (dark back-story there). In my dazed state though, I came to love the Today tab where it organizes and reminds me of all the things I have to do for that day. I still look at it first thing in the morning, and check things off as I go--ah the joy of to-do lists.

Another function that was unexpectedly motivating was the daily quote reminders. I used to think that quotes were cheesy but I was pleasantly surprised to see myself read them as if they were a fortune cookie to get me through the day. Some have come eerily close to heart at times!

Smoothie/Breakfast/Meals (Tasks & Notes)

I still gag if I smell anything close to that protein smoothie now (there’s a reason I only show you my face for the first day) but as I said, the meals weren’t too bad. Taste aside, preparing the diet for the workout was a hassle to be frank. There were many ingredients to be eaten at particular times of the day when I don’t even eat breakfast on time.

The task and notes sections were a huge help with this. Though I was first confused about how habits and tasks were different, I soon realized tasks can help you prepare for habits which in turn slowly builds into your daily routine! So, I did my research, checked that off, and then set a reminder for myself to do grocery shopping after work. At the store, the notes section came in handy since I had links to the recipes online--if only I can do this for all meals.

Morning Workout/Gym (Habits & Milestones)

Workouts were a pain at first. I started off motivated on the first day but with all the built-up lactic acid, the second day was a load of trembling abs and censored beeps. The third day wasn’t as bad, but it still brought out a few groans. I’ve been working out at a much lower intensity since then to keep my habit streak going, and things have been much better as my muscles are adjusting to actually being used.

For the challenge, I checked off items from the Today page to be my motivation for surviving each day, notes to know what exercise I needed to do, and the habit tracker to keep a record and remind myself of each activity. If you aren’t on a diet plan that I was on, I recommend treating yourself after each key step--you deserve it!

Looking Back

The three day challenge wasn't a breeze, but I was a little (only a little) sad to see it end. I felt accomplished seeing all my habits and tasks checked off on the third day, but it was bittersweet not having any notifications wake me up the next day.

So I made a few more for myself by adding a few dreams: “Live healthily without a diet” so I don’t have to drink any more smoothies, (an adjusted) “Become a morning person” to not rush to work (again), and “How to get 1000 YouTube subs”(*hint hint*) for the vlog and future videos.

I hope this helped and thank you for reading!


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