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"Best personal wellness apps available on the App Store" by iPadizaté

Personal well-being is a state of health capable of generating energy, commitment, satisfaction and providing meaning to life. When you have personal well-being, you feel highly satisfied and motivated to achieve your goals.

However, well-being is closely related to how we take care of ourselves. So if you feel bad, it is very difficult for you to concentrate on other aspects.

Fortunately, there are health and fitness apps that help you improve on a daily basis.


There is nothing that makes you feel better than achieving your goals, whether they are personal or for work. However, sometimes it is a bit difficult. Fortunately, we have Dreamfora, a daily planner ready to turn your long-term goals into short-term ones.

It is a digital tool with which you can discover your passions and it will guide you through planning to achieve your dreams.

The platform is divided into 8 categories: health, relationship, career, finance, enjoyment, learning, travel, and general. Select the one that best suits you and start making healthy habits now.


Published by iPadizaté



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