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Bowling 101

Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the world - in the United States 67 million people or about 1 in 5 Americans, bowl at least once a year!

Bowling is not only a fun activity for friends but also a competitive low-impact sport that builds both strength and flexibility. Whether you want to casually show off your skills or participate in one of the over 1,600 bowling associations in America, follow these three simple steps to get the ball rolling.

STEP 1: Get Ready

If you haven’t already, now is the time to learn the rules of bowling. Here is a simple guide and here is the United States Bowling Congress’s detailed rule book.

It’s also a good time to get yourself a pair of shoes and a ball. You should rent house shoes and balls to test out various styles and sizes, but try to get your own as soon as possible. Bowling shoes are generally true to size and your ideal ball weight will be your body weight in pounds divided by 11.

STEP 2: Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes perfect! Try to get onto alleys as much as possible. Make bowling plans with your friends or try bowling alone, it’s more efficient and it improves your focus. Don’t aim for a high score every game, but rather try to focus on specific parts of your game.

For example, play a game where you only go for the corner pins, try different releases, or even just walk through your approach without releasing the ball (here are some tips for mastering this crucial part of your game).


Now that you have mastered your game, it's time to compete in whatever setting you would like. If you’re looking to meet new people and compete at a higher level consider joining your local league.

Here is a website that will help you find your closest bowling league. Competitive bowling is just as much a mental game as a physical one.

Most importantly, just remember to have fun!

Click here to download Dreamfora to add the customized plan “Bowling 101.” Dreamfora will set you up with a comprehensive set of daily tasks, habits, and milestones for you to follow.

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