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Carpe Dslr: Capture the moment

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

How many photos do you see in a day? How many photos do you see after 5 minutes on Instagram? Yes - many, and more than you can probably count off the top of your head.

Photos are not only a way to commemorate past times but they have also become a way to communicate and present oneself to friends and strangers. With the abundance of photos present in our lives, extraordinary shots will make you stand out anywhere - and here’s how to take them!

Step 1. Take photos of your daily life

Practice will never go to waste if you don’t give up! Take photos of your daily life, whether it be of food, special people, or a puppy you meet on the street. This process will help you pay attention to the ordinary things around you and see their beauty. A record of your daily life to look back on is a bonus!

One of the first things you’ll wonder when you’re thinking of taking photography seriously is whether you need the newest dslr or the lens that will cost you an arm and a leg. The short answer is, no! At least, not yet. Whilst better equipment will allow you to do more, this will be meaningful after you get the basics down: take daily baby steps first!

Step 2. Take pictures of various subjects from different angles at random locations

Looking at various subjects from new angles will enhance your creativity and make photography a fun experience. What does a piano look like from below? What does a streetlamp illuminate every day? Taking photos at random locations will also help you think outside the box!

Pro tip: Lighting can make or break a photo! Try taking photos an hour before sunrise or sunset for photographs with gorgeous lighting - it’s no wonder these hours are called the “golden hour.”

Step 3. Upload your photos on a blog or photo-sharing website

Uploading your photos on a social platform will help motivate you to take more photos and even receive feedback from other photographers and users. You could post them on your own blog or on photo-sharing websites such as Smugmug, Squarespace, and Format. Browsing through other photos can also be an inspiration for your own work - the more you’re exposed to, the better!

Another option is to create your own website to market your photos. You can then set your own prices for them on your chosen medium of display.

Step 4. Practice editing pictures with editing tools

After you’ve gotten some practice and some feedback, why not try editing? Editing works magic for your photos! To make simple edits or organize thousands of images, Adobe Lightroom is a great first step. If you want to make more fine-tuned edits on your photos, collage them, or even take out the photo bomber completely, Photoshop will be a great skill to learn!

Has this article been of any help? Does photography still sound daunting or are you up for the challenge?

Click here to download Dreamfora to add the customized plan “Take photos like a pro.” Dreamfora will set you up with a comprehensive set of daily tasks, habits, and milestones for you to follow.

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