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Dreamfora just got a whole lot better!

The Dreamfora app is now faster and more secure! We've been working hard, and after four long months of losing sleep and squashing bugs, it's finally ready for you to try out.

Expect a lot of changes as Dreamfora moves on from Xamarin to Native platform!

Here's what you can expect:

Improved speed and enhanced performance

We’ve cleaned up all the messy codes in the app. So much so that the app now runs 50% faster than before! You can notice this change with faster page loads, especially on the Discover and Feed tab.

App size reduced by half

No need to worry any longer about your phone's storage space! The Dreamfora app has reduced its size to half, allowing users to check on their dreams without having to compromise their limited mobile storage space.

Auto-sync feature

Backing up and restoring your goals got a lot easier with the newest release. Not only did the uploading speed get cut by 75%, the app also provides an auto-sync feature. Every time you exit from the app, Dreamfora will automatically save your goals, ensuring that no data is lost in the process. Be sure to sign up/log in to the Dreamfora app in order to take full advantage over this new feature!

Report spam or inappropriate content

As Dreamfora expands its community, we're on the lookout to make sure the Feed continues to provide wholesome, motivational and educational content for our goal-achieving users. With this update, we've added a reporting feature to make sure users can report any posts/accounts that contain spam or inappropriate content.

The new release is available to download on Android today and will be available soon for iOS.

If you have any questions, please contact us via

Thank you! We hope you enjoy the new update.

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