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"Dreamfora officially launches the smart goal-setting app" by KoreaTechDesk

Published by KoreaTechDesk


Goal-Setting is not a tough task, but what is tougher is to achieve the goals, to plan the process and stick to the plan. Korean startupDreamfora,which had been beta-testing its smart goal-setting app, has finally released it for Android users. This is the company’s first product that was launched officially on February 29th, 2020.

The goal-setting app allows users to plan, manage, and eventually execute their goals with minimum efforts. The app is an excellent tool for go-getters as it will enable them to set goals and achieve them in the desired time-frame. Whether the user is looking to set long-term goals or to acquire everyday habits like getting fit, the Dreamfora app makes it easy and simple to manage.



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