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Fora Friends Update -Let us introduce Fora's first friend, Ashes 😊

Updated: 6 days ago

Where to use Grit Seeds?

Have you been gathering your Grit Seeds? (Refer to article about Grit Seeds updates: You might have been wondering where to use them, and we’re happy to share that our new update will provide the answers. Shall we take a closer look?

Meet Ashes: Fora’s Friend Who Loves Grit Seeds!

Let’s talk about a certain someone who can’t get enough of these seeds. We've heard rumors, and it’s true—a cute, fluffy friend of Fora's named Ashes just adores them! Ashes is not just any friend; it’s Fora's first and very dear companion in our digital world.

How to Access

Curious about where to find Ashes? Simply click on the animal icon in the top right corner of the To-Do page, and you'll be introduced to your new furry friend.

Adopt and Nurture Ashes

You now have the delightful opportunity to adopt Ashes and take care of it daily.

  • Ashes thrives on Grit Seeds, which can be fed up to seven times a day, 100 seeds each time.

  • This will fill up its stomach gauge, allowing Ashes to level up and evolve.

  • There are three evolution stages. They occur at levels 10, 20, and 30.

It’s a rewarding experience watching Ashes transform, as it showcases your consistent care and dedication.

Important to Remember

However, take note!

  • Ashes’ stomach gauge decreases daily due to energy consumption.

  • The amount that decreases depends on its level:

  • Lv. 0–9: Stomach gauge -50

  • Lv. 10–19: Stomach gauge -100

  • Lv. 20–30: Stomach gauge -200

If you neglect feeding Ashes, the stomach gauge might drop below zero, resulting in a decline in its level and evolution. So, make sure to visit daily and keep those Grit Seeds coming!

A Note on the Update

Please remember that this feature is currently in its beta version. It's an early peek at what's to come, and we are just as excited as you are to see where it leads. Keep an eye out for future updates and more Fora Friends who are eager to join the Dreamfora family!

We hope you enjoy this new addition and find it a fun, engaging way to enhance your goal-setting journey. Raise your Fora Friend and elevate your daily experience with us!

*Please note that this update is currently available exclusively for Android users. We will be actively working to extend these features to iOS users as well, so please stay tuned!

With love and excitement,

Team Dreamfora 🧡

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