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How to Become an Author

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

What is something you know so well you could teach a first grader about it? Have you been in the same field of study for over 5 years? Are you constantly thinking about or watching videos on a certain subject and feel like you know all there is to know about it? Well, how about writing a book on it then? Writing a book requires a lot of effort, but when done in small steps, it can be manageable and incredibly rewarding in the long run!

Step 1. Select a book topic

The first step, of course, is to select a book topic! Whether it be within your field of study or an unusual hobby you have acquired over the years, choose a topic you are interested in and know well--remember, you are writing a whole book about it!

Also, be aware that you may need to do further research to keep up with the latest trends on the subject. Watching the news, reading books, and browsing internet articles can help you find a good balance between telling your own story and understanding your readers' needs and wants. As trends are always changing these days, stay on track and differentiate yourself from others writing on the same issue!

Step 2. Start writing about the subject of the book

The second step is also quite obvious--begin writing! Dedicate at least 1 hour of your time to writing every day. This may be daunting at first, but it’s a good way to build your book in reasonable chunks. If you get into the habit, your writing muscles will improve over time and time will go by in a flash!

In the meantime, you can set up a reward system or make writing a priority since it’s important not to lose motivation as you take on the challenge of finishing a book! Here are some tips on how to develop a habit of writing!

Step 3. Organize my drafts to create a final outline of the book

After pages and pages of writing, your book may be too lengthy and all over the place. Or your chapters may need a little reorganizing to help readers understand your thought flow. In any case, it’s a good idea to go through your writing to organize your drafts and create a final outline of your book!

Step 4. Develop additional content to complete the book

After setting up a final outline, research additional information needed to expand your book's content. Trends may have changed since the start of your writing journey, or there may be some informational holes that you need to fill. It’s better to cut down information and pages rather than have to make up for the gaps when you’re doing your final edits.

Step 5. Review and revise the content of the book

While it’s important to write down everything you can possibly think of for your first draft, now it’s time to review and edit your drafts with a keen eye. There’s always room for improvement in writing, no matter how well you think you’ve done the first time. You may need to take some time away from your book for this stage, whether it be a couple days or weeks (even years for some). With a fresh mind, continue to revise your work and don't be afraid to ask others for their opinions. Receiving feedback on your work is important when learning about your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. After all, the more feedback you get, the better writer you’ll be!

Step 6. Successfully submit my writing for publication

After it’s all done, submit your writing for publication! This may be through traditional publishers, small scale publishers, online publication, or even self publishing. The publishing process may be long and complex but go at it in increments as you’ve done now for a while. Give your final spurt all you’ve got!

Sounds like something you want to do? Click here to download Dreamfora to add the customized plan “Write and publish a book about an area of my expertise”. Dreamfora will set you up with a comprehensive set of daily tasks, habits, and milestones for you to follow.

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