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How We Started

It all started one sunny day in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico five years ago. That’s right, you read that correctly, in Puerto Vallarta. Our founder, Paul, was on vacation with his family, taking a break from his consulting job at Bain & Company, when he came to a monumental, life changing realization. Two actually. The first being: He wanted to create a startup but he had no clue where to go to plan out his dream. The second being: HE HAD NO CLUE WHERE TO GO TO PLAN OUT HIS DREAM. He imagined that with the never ending releases of new apps in our technology-fueled day-and-age, he would be able to find an app that acted as a dream-board of some sort so that he could start brainstorming and planning the next step in his life. He was left shocked and dumbfounded when he realized there was no app like the one he was looking for and just like that, the idea for Dreamfora was born.

He realized that creating a startup required many risks: leaving a stable job for an uncertain future, instability. However, he realized they were risks he was willing to take. As cheesy as it sounds, “Rome was not built in a day.” He knew he would regret not taking the risks at all and not knowing what could have been MORE than failing. Just as he needed motivation at this point in his life, he wanted to create a motivation hub where he could provide tips and give advice to others who wanted to pursue a similar goal. And then he thought, better yet, why not create an app that can provide tips and give advice for many different goals and dreams?

After gathering his thoughts and creating a plan, he recruited, rather persuaded, his long-time friend and former coworker, David, to program and develop the app. He also felt the same way; he knew he would regret not at least trying and was happy to join the young Dreamfora family.

That is simply our beginning. It’s been a long journey to where we are today, but we have an even longer journey ahead. We hope you will join us in dreaming together.

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