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Polish Your Public Speaking

What do great school teachers, charismatic leaders, and famous activists have in common? If you’ve read the title, you can easily guess that they are all expert speakers.

Whether you are preparing a presentation for your colleagues or participating in a social event, public speaking skills come in handy. There is absolutely no reason to give up just because you are shy or afraid! Here are a few tips to follow and habits to create so that you can overcome your fear of public speaking!

Memorize, memorize, memorize!

Confidence is key. Merely reading a written script can come across as stiff or doubtful. If you want the crowd to support you, you must first believe in yourself. If you do not prepare adequately, you may have trouble attempting to recall your lines. Don’t just skim through your speech but memorize until you can recite your lines in your sleep.

You can also memorize the gestures, tone, and facial expressions you want to deliver in your speech. What is your central message? What kind of speech are you preparing? Is it for persuasion, rallying, or comedy? Write your speech and prepare accordingly.

Once you can perfectly recite the speech in your head, you are ready for the next step.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Memorizing the speech is only half the battle. Without rehearsing, you can never improve. If you wish to become a better speaker, it will take tremendous effort and practice.

Pace your breathing. Express captivating body language. Pause for dramatic effect. Remember, people are visual. Sometimes, the audience pays closer attention to the way the message is delivered more than the message itself.

Rehearse alone, and then rehearse in front of a few close family members or friends. This will be an audience you are comfortable with. Ask them for feedback. When you are ready, increase your audience size slowly. You will gradually gain confidence because you have already repeated your speech with a slightly smaller crowd. Start small then go big.

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities!

Grab opportunities to speak publicly! The most effective way to grow is experience. Grab as many chances as you can. Most likely, you won’t be the best speaker overnight, but you can learn something from every speech.

Listening is almost as important as speaking. Critique other speeches. Listen to public speakers and notice what went well and what needs improvement. Imitate the effective gestures, articulation, and eye contact by shadowing.

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