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Stop Procrastinating and Achieve Your Dreams

We all do it. Whether it's washing the dishes or writing a term paper, we love to procrastinate. Delaying our responsibilities is so easy. You convince yourself that you'll start working out tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and you promise yourself you will go later in the evening. The sun disappears and suddenly you find yourself watching Netflix in bed while sleepiness creeps upon you. This vicious cycle continues until you decide to act. You go to the Google Play Store, download Dreamfora, and begin your journey to accomplish what you couldn't accomplish alone.

Now, you start your day by waking up, making your bed, and creating your day’s timeline. Step-by-step, you allocate time around your work or school hours to grocery shop, do the dishes, and go to the gym. Instead of wasting time thinking about what you need to do throughout the day, the tasks are already set and in motion before your day begins. At the end of the day, you’ve accomplished every errand on your timeline and you still have time to watch Netflix.

Whether your goal is to work out, to complete assignments, or to stop procrastinating all together, Dreamfora is here to help you see it through. With the 1-Tap Wizard, you can use and customize a workout template provided by us. Or you can create your own goal from scratch. We will send you daily reminders and quotes to keep you motivated. We'll allow you to visually see your progress– and progress is good!

Don't put your goals on hold anymore. You can do it. It all begins by taking your first step. We'll be by your side until you see it through.

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