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Guide to Gratitude

How many times did you say “thank you” last week? And... how many times did you really mean it? Today, true thankfulness is often lost in ambition or comparison. But reintroducing gratitude into your life can improve physical and mental health, boost energy, enhance mood, increase motivation, and strengthen your senses of purpose and individuality! So what are you waiting for? Follow these three I’s to begin your path to a life of thankfulness.

1. Identify things you are thankful for

Take your time and try to list out everything (yes, everything) you are thankful for. If you don’t have one yet, this is a great way to start your gratitude journal. Include the big things - like your family or your job - but don’t forget the little ones too - like the smell of fresh laundry or changing into our pajamas after work. Make a habit of writing in your gratitude journal by recording a few things you are grateful for every night before bed. Believe it or not, doing so can strengthen interpersonal relationships, improve sleep, lower stress, reduce materialism, and boost generosity!

2. Incorporate happiness into your life

Now try further incorporating the items on your list into your daily life. If you’re thankful for the smell of fresh laundry - go run a load! Show your thanks to people in your life by dining with them or giving them a small present. Express gratitude for opportunities by making the most of them. If you’re thankful for your good health - go workout! If you’re thankful for the nice weather - go for a stroll! It’s easy to be thankful when you do something you love everyday.

3. Inspire thankfulness in others

Once you’ve successfully incorporated thankfulness into your life, it's time to share the benefits with the rest of the world. Gratitude doesn’t need to be confined to journals. Make a routine of sharing them out loud with your friends and family. Compliment other people to remind them to be grateful for their strengths. For those you don't know very well, try mentally wishing them happiness and greeting them with a smile - it could make their day.

If you want to start really meaning it when you say “thank you,” click here to download Dreamfora and add the plan ‘How to Live a Life of Thankfulness.’



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