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The 5 Simplest Free Habit Tracker Apps to Meet Your Resolutions

These free habit tracker apps make it really easy to measure how you cope with your new goals by keeping things as simple as possible.

Any resolution to build better habits or quit bad habits is hard enough in the first place. Tracking your progress should be as simple as possible. These free habit tracker apps make it really easy to measure how you cope with your new goals.

With simplicity as the core focus of these apps, they do lack the extra features you'll find in some of the most popular habit trackers. For example, you won't get detailed statistics about your logs, or you won't be able to share and track habits with friends. But those are worthwhile sacrifices when you want a simple and efficient personal habit tracker.

Dreamfora (Android, iOS): Guided Habit Tracking Templates to Ensure Success

Let's say your resolution is to get lean, toned, and healthy. What are the habits you need to inculcate to get to your goal? How often should you exercise, when should you add meditation, and how do you handle hydration? Dreamfora is a habit tracking app that does this heavy lifting for you with premade plans for different common habits.

Each plan has three elements: habit, task, and note. The habit portion adds a few things you'll need to do regularly and sets the weekly schedule for them. Tasks are to-do items that are not a regular habit but something you need to get done to ensure you stay on track. And notes are advice, helpful links, and motivational words to set you on the path to success.

You can add three dream plans at a time, and Dreamfora discourages you from adding more to your plate before you finish what you've started. All of today's habits from the three dream plans will show up as a common list in the Today tab, so you don't have to check each dream separately. Just tick the box when you're done with an activity.

Dreamfora retains activity logs and shows statistics in visual graphs. You can even use the app anonymously without registering for an account. If you do sign up, you'll be able to share and interact with the community.


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Written by Mihir Patkar



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