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The Long-Awaited Today Widget for Android is Finally Here

Ask and you shall receive!

You’ve asked for a better way to stay on top of your goals, and we aim to please you. We’re excited to announce the Today Widget, a widget that shows you all your habits and tasks for the day on your home screen.

Here’s what you can expect:

All Your Goals at a Quick Glance

It’s easy to forget about your goals when you have to seek them out on the app. Now, you can opt to have them displayed on your home screen, and you’ll see your ideal day play out in front of you whenever you check your phone. It’s better than any reminder! You’ll never forget to chase your dreams again.

Live Updates to Your Today Page

You can also cross off your habits and tasks on the widget and it will update your data on the Dreamfora app. That means you won’t have to open and update your checklist each time you need to celebrate a win. When you finish a habit each day, like brushing your teeth after lunch, you can cross it off right then and there.

Resizable Widget

It’s crucial to customize your home screen just the way you like it, whether it’s to increase efficiency or for your own aesthetic delight. That’s why we made the Today Widget completely resizable for you. You can still fit in your weather widgets and favorite apps in one neat page, or you can prioritize your self-improvement by giving your Today Widget ample room.

The new release is currently only available for Android.

If you have any questions, please contact us via



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