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Top 3 Content Creation Apps To Enhance Your Productivity

Use these three free apps to double your content output.

Productivity is a skill. And you will achieve it with time. The first part will be the hardest because you must learn the craft. So each task will take hours. But then you become faster until you optimize each step and finish in the quickest way possible. Content creation is different. When you optimize a single task, you only have one goal. So you can focus and achieve it. But with content creation, tasks multiply. And you will speed up only if you improve each of them. Also, switching between activities introduces delays. You need a support system that can help manage your project. So here are three content creation apps to enhance your productivity. Why do you need a productivity tool? Content creation is a complex activity that requires many tasks. But in the beginning, you will have to do everything by yourself. For example, you will need to learn:

  • How content marketing works.

  • How to promote your posts on social media.

  • What you need to build a small business.

  • Or even how to limit time loss and increase your content output.

Unfortunately, productivity decreases with the number of tasks you need to finish for two reasons:

  • You lose time switching between them.

  • Any distraction could capture your attention in the meantime.

So you must find a productivity tool that groups related tasks and limits outside distractions. And here are the top 3 content creation apps I use daily to enhance my productivity.


3 — Track Your Consistency and Goals with Dreamfora

Productivity requires consistency. It’s as simple as that. You won’t double your content output if you don’t create posts daily. And to achieve this goal, you must be consistent and track your goals. But sometimes, you will procrastinate. Your mind will create hundreds of excuses to escape your duties. So you need a simple task management app like Dreamfora to keep going. How to make your dreams come true. When you think about your dreams, your motivation skyrockets. Have you ever noticed that? You often set your goals when you think about your dream life, house, family, etc. And you are so focused on the destination that you forget the sacrifices you must endure. So Dreamfora focuses on dreams. With this app, you won’t set goals. You will think about a dream and then set it up for success.

  • First, you define the recurrent habits that will make you accomplish your goal.

  • And then, you will write one-time tasks for the set-up of the project.

Example of Dreams — Image from the Author

Each morning, Dreamfora will move your daily habits to your to-do list. So you can check the tasks for each dream as soon as you finish them.

Example of daily habits and to-do — Image from the Author

Moreover, you can discover and try new challenges created by other users on Dreamfora. So you may build your content writing business while also working on other tasks. The only unfortunate feature is that Dreamfora is a mobile app, and you cannot use it otherwise.


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Written by Cosmin Angheluta

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