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What is Dreamfora used for?

Simply put, Dreamfora is a productivity app intended to help users achieve their dreams with easy-to-use goal planning and habit tracking features.

The core of our app centers around 3 features: dreams, habits, and tasks. Dreams are basically the goals that you, the user, set for yourself. They can be as broad as “become super wealthy,” or as specific as “rank in League,” and can be placed into one of 8 categories shown above! Each dream is tracked with milestones that you can add yourself, or find in the app if you add a dream through the 1-Tap Planning Wizard (Click here for more info about the 1-Tap Planning Wizard). But, how does Dreamfora help you achieve these dreams? That’s where the habit and task features come in!

The Dreamfora app helps you form habits by allowing you to set reminders for when (and how often) you’d like to repeat the action that you want to make a habit of. Through this process, Dreamfora aims to help you establish productive habits.

If there is a task you need to complete to achieve your dream that doesn’t need to be repeated, you can file it under the task feature! The task feature is meant to be used as a sort of “to-do” list, to best help you achieve whatever your goals are for a given day and bring you one step closer to achieving your dream!


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