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The (Dreamfora) Office - EP 2: Office Décor and All Things Pirate-y

At Dreamfora, we have a large variety of office decorations to keep the office a creative space. Intended to inspire, our walls and shelves are never empty! Rather, they are an amalgamation of art and inspiration. In today’s episode, we give you a tour around the office to showcase some of our favorite office décor.

A rather familiar Jolly Roger on the office back wall grabs the attention of anyone who first walks in. For those who thought One Piece - you guessed right, it’s the pirate flag from the famous Japanese anime. Dreamfora is no exception amidst the millions of startups when it comes to its obsession with the pirate analogy. Ever since Steve Jobs came up with the analogy in 1983 to motivate his team at Apple, pirates have been the go-to to describe the fast-paced, audacious and resolute spirit of the startup scene. The deadly yet adorable flag reconnects us to our sense of adventure to remind us why we exist as a business.

Next to the office door, there is an entire shelf devoted to figurines of fictitious characters and animals. Most notably, there are several One Piece characters, including Monkey D. Luffy (Get ready for some more One Piece references!). Luffy (center back) aspires to become the pirate king and is an exceptional leader of his crew. He knows how to harness the power of diversity and motivation to build great teamwork. He’s also always up for a good laugh, adding light-hearted fun along the way. On your left, you have Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, a loyal friend and ally, symbolizing friendship and an overload of cuteness. In the center, we have a family of unicorns, which are also intentionally placed. This trio represents Dreamfora’s aspirations of growing into a company with a valuation of over $1 billion, otherwise known as (surprise, surprise) a “unicorn startup.”

On the other side of the office, we have a rather funny-looking poster of a crane being choked by a frog about to get eaten. Although the frog is the prey, we get a sense that the crane is more vulnerable than the frog - it probably won’t let go of the crane’s neck until it’s released. Its tearful determination shines light on the values of perseverance and resilience, and certainly encompasses the positive energy at work.

Finally, we have a clock - except it's not your everyday office wall clock. Shaped like a compass or a steering wheel (of a pirate ship, of course!), it serves as a constant reminder that it's ultimately up to us to navigate our way through times of uncertainty and adversity.

Looking back, it’s amazing how items as simple as a wall clock or a figurine can evoke a sense of responsibility and drive. These individual items are pieces of a larger whole that together make up a dream in pursuit. At Dreamfora, we work like a captain and play like a pirate, and most certainly don’t take our office décor as a given.



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