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8 Steps to Become a Good Leader

Here are some key steps you can follow to become a better, more successful leader for your team members!

1. Identify what leadership style complements your personality best

Listen to others more carefully. Whether it's listening to people with more experience, your peers, or your employees, try to give the other party your full attention not only to make others feel heard, but also for you to learn. Make a list of people/leaders you respect and choose a similar leadership style from them that you believe works best for you.

2. Try to embody the qualities of respected leaders

Don’t use the word “but”. Or at least, use "but" with some degree of caution. "I like your idea, but..." might make others feel invalidated. It can also give out the impression that your earlier (positive) comments aren't totally honest. Try to analyze what good leaders do differently. What are their leadership strategies? How do they inspire action?

3. Take steps towards self-improvement

Compliment your co-workers on their abilities and efforts. Effective praise can raise your team's morale. Acknowledge their contributions and effort. It's hard to be a perfect leader from the start. Learn from experience. Look for ways to improve your leadership skills, such as working as a member of the executive board for an organization or club. Go through a process of trial and error through hands on experience in a leadership position.

4. Make your peers/co-workers feel appreciated and respected

Ask your co-workers for constructive feedback on how to further improve. It's best to listen to some constructive criticism, as there are always ways to improve yourself and team relationships. Even though some things may be hard to hear, asking for feedback will help you grow in the long run. It's okay to first receive negative feedback. You can learn from your mistakes and build your leadership skills.

5. Practice discipline

A good leader needs discipline. Developing discipline in one’s personal and professional life is a must to improve leadership skills. You can demonstrate discipline at work by always meeting deadlines and attending work and meetings on time.

6. Learn to follow

A good leader should not feel threatened when someone disagrees with them or questions their thinking. Learn to value and respect the opinions of others.

7. Keep learning

The best way to improve your leadership skills is to keep learning new things. Learning new things prepares you to deal with challenges that might come your way.

8. Resolve conflicts

Instead of ignoring conflicts within the team, hoping they will go away naturally, address any problems by talking to those involved and try finding a solution.

9. Download Dreamfora

Shush... Here's the secret ninth step... Download Dreamfora and create your own leadership routine. Easily plan and track your progress towards reaching any goal you desire. Download Dreamfora and begin your journey to improving your leadership skills.

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