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While we already have other habit creation apps, this one has the feature of using Artificial Intelligence to achieve it, where you just put your dream, and from there the application will give you what you need to do to achieve it. Including the habits and tasks you must complete, as well as notes or advice to encourage you.

The app is in English, although you will not have a problem if you write in Spanish. There are common examples of dreams or goals you might have, which are separated by categories, such as health, learning, finance, travel. And you have various options to set your own purposes and the steps you will follow to achieve them.

If you don't like what it gives you or are not convinced, you can regenerate the response, although from what I saw it tells you almost the same thing, just paraphrasing. You can add an image to each dream, like a cover, and you can also set a date for when you want to achieve your goal, it will count how many days are left for that moment. The habits are set automatically just like the days you should comply with each one, and you can also edit this later if you wish.

There is a community where you can decide if you want to join or not, create your profile, follow other accounts, and also, from time to time in the app, pop-ups appear with motivational phrases.

AI-Powered Dream Planner: The future of goal setting!

  • Effortlessly set goals and turn your dreams into actionable steps with AI, as our system instantly creates personalized pathways to your objectives.

  • Discover and pursue your passions with AI-generated plans and access to expert-selected achievement strategies, offering guidance, advice, and vital resources for smarter planning.

  • Stay organized and on track with daily reminders and a simple, easy-to-use progress tracking system.

  • Enjoy a visually appealing interface for a delightful personal growth journey with Dreamfora: Your path to success has never looked better!


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