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How to Read. More.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Let’s be realistic. I can count the number of books I’ve read in my free time this year on my fingers---on one hand. How about you? We all know the benefits of reading and reading is something that is constantly on the to-do list at the back of our minds. It’s a wonder though how our phones, laptops, and a night out with friends always wins over. But as hard as it is to make time for it, small steps will take you a long way in finding time for the long lost companionship.

Tip 0. Create an annual reading list

To read a book, you need to first find a book. Look for book recommendations from newspapers to online communities such as The New Yorker, Goodreads, etc. Find books that you truly want to read. It could be a work of literary merit, a biography, a piece of genre fiction - anything, as long as you enjoy it. This can help jump-start your reading journey and also provide a record of books you have read and want to read!

Tip 1. Read on your way to work or school

Time is an oft mentioned excuse for not reading books. As busy as we are however, there are still some slivers of minutes to rescue every day. For example, as you commute: whether on the subway, in your car, or on your way to school, you can read books or even listen to them through audiobooks. This will not only enhance your mornings with a good adventure but also make the journey less boring and mundane.

Finding such a time also applies throughout the day. Always carry around a book, whether it be a hard copy, soft copy, or even an audiobook app, so that when you have a free moment - a doctor’s appointment or a snack break - you can dig into your book and pass the time!

Tip 2. Read a book for more than 30 mins before bed

Have trouble sleeping? Or want to destress at the end of a tiresome day? Then a book before bedtime is for you! Since reading a book will help reduce your stress, not only will you be able to sleep better but you can also relieve the strain of the day from your mind. So, flip a lamp on and begin self-care at the comfort of your own bed!

Tip 3. Read a book during the time that you allocate for reading

If all else fails and you work at home or are out like a light the moment you hit your bed, set up a time that is suitable to your schedule. When planning, it may be helpful to know that reading in the morning helps you retain more information, though reading as a pleasure activity after a long day can also help you relax and enjoy your book.

Remember the benefits of reading, recognize why you read, and prioritize the habit so that you can find a personal space where you can minimize distractions and read your book in peace.

Tip 4. Remember many a little makes a mickle

The best way to read more books is to read consistently even if you don't read much. If you read 10 pages daily, that amounts to 3650 pages in a year, which is about 12 books - I’ll need my toes to count that many! Make reading a part of your daily routine, set reading goals, and create a reading schedule. Know your pace and reading level so that you can set goals that are both ambitious and achievable!

We’re here to help! Click here to download Dreamfora to add the customized plan “Achieve Self-development Through Reading”. Dreamfora will set you up with a comprehensive set of daily tasks, habits, and milestones for you to follow.



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