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The (Dreamfora) Office - EP 3: MBTI Team Report

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-reported test that identifies your general attitude and personality, including your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your preferred ways of communication, information gathering, and conflict resolution. There are 16 distinct personality types, all of which are characterized by four letter codes based on different scales. The four criteria assess one’s source of energy expression (Extroversion vs Introversion), ways of perceiving information (Sensing vs Intuition) and making decisions (Thinking vs Feeling), and methods of interacting with the outside world (Judging vs Perceiving). In today’s episode, we give you a full report of the personality types of the people at the office.

Paul, the Counselor: INFJ

INFJ is the rarest personality type in the world, as only one percent of the population identify as this type. Counselors excel at turning ideas into reality, not only by bringing insightful ideas to the table themselves but also by encouraging others to contribute their own. Paul is great at creating a unified vision when ideas are scattered. As an INFJ, he enjoys working on tasks that have a deeper meaning and purpose, often regarding the bettering of the human condition. Seeking truth and clarity with a positive attitude, Paul brings out the best in himself and his crew.

David, the Mediator: INFP

INFPs are creative idealists, notable for their constant drive for learning and creating new things. Gentle, warm, and compassionate, Mediators help build an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation. They thrive in an open and flexible environment where they can express their creativity and play with many different ideas. David, a proud INFP, gains satisfaction from finding hidden patterns and working on projects that fit into the bigger picture. He also has a unique sense of humor as well as an unstoppable drive when committed to a task.

Elli, the Commander: ENTJ

ENTJ is another universally uncommon personality type, and a rarity especially among women. Commanders are outgoing, logical thinkers who can look at the big picture and stay focused on a task. They tend to have innate leadership qualities, charisma and charm. As one would expect of an ENTJ, Elli is a great communicator who strives to work towards perfection. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our app’s general features and user experience design. As head designer, she is an exceptional leader capable of taking charge and getting the job done.

Chase, the Dynamo: ESTP

People with an ESTP personality are energetic and enthusiastic. Being the realist of all realists, they are action-oriented and quick on their feet to produce immediate results. This is why they shine in moments of crisis, as they move and think dynamically to find practical solutions. As an ESTP, Chase certainly does not disappoint. Fun-loving and spontaneous, he is very approachable and makes the office environment a lively place to work. He also responds quickly when a problem surfaces and enjoys exploring new technologies when coding and developing the app.

Suzie, the Inspector: ISTJ

ISTJs are well-known for their logical and meticulous approach to problem solving, coupled with their strive for excellence. They have the highest of standards when it comes to completing their goals, which they endeavor to meet by creating detailed plans and following them with little deviation. Structured, organized, and detail-oriented, Suzie finds joy in working on intellectually intriguing projects and producing the best outcomes. Suzie is also a bundle of fun and living proof that diligent workers know how to have a good time.

Michelle, the Champion: ENFP

ENFPs are generally friendly, warm, and enthusiastic people who strive to lead purpose-driven lives. They take pleasure in tackling new challenges by thinking outside the box, preferring to come up with innovative solutions rather than to do it by the book. As a member of the ENFP community, Michelle is always brimming with ideas and likes to brainstorm and table new marketing strategies. An upholder of values like individuality and authenticity, she also enjoys building rapport with her team and making work meaningful.

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