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How To Become TikTok Famous

TikTok is a popular social media app that allows users to create, watch, and share videos. Thousands of people have jumped onto this rapidly growing platform, generating a high number of views and followers on videos. If you want to become TikTok famous, here are several steps you can take!

1. Start small and then aim big

The best way to start getting followers is to post lots and lots of videos.

According to a TikToker with 1.3 million followers, you should try to publish at least one video per day. The more videos that you post, the more likely you are to gain new followers, even if they don’t reach many people right away.

Another way to gain followers is to use hashtags. Using hashtags strategically will help you grow your followers. Repeat this every day until you reach 100 followers!

2. Aim for a higher number of followers.

After reaching your first 100 followers, you can aim to reach 1,000 followers. One way to do this is to comment on popular videos. Follow other popular users and leave comments on their new videos. TikTok’s comment system makes early comments more visible than recent ones. So, try to comment as early as you can. Repeat this every day when scrolling on TikTok.

Learning how to edit videos is also pretty important when joining the TikTok platform. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a video-editing expert to make videos for TikTok. TikTok provides user-friendly video creating & editing services. You can also watch videos on YouTube on how to edit TikTok videos.

3. Think outside of the box

Not just anyone can become TikTok famous. You must be creative and do something different. If you notice, every famous TikTok creator stands out from other regular creators. Don’t post exactly what everyone else is posting. Make unique videos that are fun to watch.

4. Participate in trends

It's important to be true to yourself, but it's also good to know and participate in global trends. Keeping up with the latest trends will increase your chances of going viral! These trends may involve a challenge, dance, song, hashtag, etc.

5. Create an original sound

Sound is another big part of TikTok. Actually, a lot of well-known TikTokers gained their fame by creating their own popular sound. Try experimenting with different sounds, and find something that sticks with your style and your audience! The more people like your sound and use your audio, the more followers you could gain.

6. Schedule/plan your videos

Remember! TikTok has a “drafts” feature, which allows you to record and save your TikTok videos without posting them. The drafts remain private and only the creator can see them. A TikTok creator can choose when to post the draft and make in public. Many famous TikTok users have hundreds of drafts. This way, they can post a new video whenever they want with a click of a button.

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