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Dreamfora Unveils the AI Dream Planner: A New Approach to Goal Setting

Updated: Apr 1

Our philosophy at Dreamfora has always been crystal clear: we see long-term goals as "dreams". They’re the distant aspirations that light up our hearts, guiding us toward a brighter tomorrow. Today, we’re delighted to introduce a groundbreaking tool called "AI Dream Planner" designed to turn those dreams into daily realities.

Paul Kang, our esteemed CEO, captures our vision succinctly: "Dreamfora aims for the AI Dream Planner to enhance user interaction with our platform, making the goal-setting exercise not just intuitive but also more aligned with individual aspirations," states Paul Kang, Dreamfora's CEO. "We envision a platform where users feel not just accommodated but actively empowered in their journey toward personal achievements.”

Presenting the AI Dream Planner - currently in its beta phrase, with a grand official release waiting in the wings.

“We Dream it. AI Plans it. We Achieve it.”

Ever felt stuck between having a dream and making it happen? Say hello to Dreamfora's latest tool: the AI Dream Planner. Simply tell us what you aspire to achieve by entering a few keywords. Our smart AI will then dive into Dreamfora's rich database and line up a clear, daily action plan for you. With this blend of your ambition and our technology, turning dreams into reality is just a few steps away.

A Quick Guide:

  1. Go to 'Dream' page, click 'add+' and choose 'AI Dream'.

  2. Type your dream.

  3. Let the AI Dream generate your plan.

  4. Review and remove any unwanted habits and tasks by clicking the ‘X’

  5. Tab ‘Regenerate’ on the top if you want a different plan.

  6. Select the image and add it to your dreams

  7. Customize your dream’s due date, reminder, schedule for habits and tasks, notes, and more.

  8. Get out there and chase your dreams

Tips for best results when you type your dream:

  • Use clear and direct verbs that best fit your dream like 'become' or 'make'.

  • Keep it in English.

  • Be very specific, e.g., 'learn tennis as a beginner.

You'll find it easier to understand by watching the video.

We're eager for you to dive into this experience. Let the AI Dream Planner be your compass, guiding each stride towards your dreams. As always, Dreamfora stands beside you, and your invaluable feedback is the beacon that illuminates our path forward.

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