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Introducing "Grit Seeds": Earn Rewards for Daily App Engagement

Updated: Apr 16

Using Dreamfora signifies a commitment to your dreams. It is about making a consistent effort to stick to your plans. That is the reason we introduced “Grit Seeds,” an attendance point system. Grit Seeds represent your passion and perseverance in pursuing your dreams. They may also motivate you to visit the app and complete your habits and tasks consistently.

1️⃣ Collect Grit Seeds every day by visiting the app

Detailed Explanation:

  • Gather Grit Seeds every day you visit the app.

  • Consecutive daily visits are rewarded with more seeds: 100, 200, 400, 700, and a maximum of 1000 seeds.

  • You will start again from 100 seeds if your streak is broken.

  • Gathered Grit Seeds will be utilized for future updates.

How about having fun and staying motivated as you collect Grit Seeds and use Dreamfora to achieve your dreams?

*This new feature is limited to Android device users only! We will make it available to iPhone users in the near future as well.

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