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Official Launch: All-new Dreamfora is here

The official Dreamfora app is now available on Google Play.

It’s been years in the making. After evaluating a year’s worth of 30K+ Beta tester experiences, we are finally ready to unveil our new, improved version of Dreamfora!

We made new, exciting additions such as the 1-Tap Planning Wizard, where you can have access to various concrete long-term plans with a tap of a button. We’ve also included a progress page to show you the areas you could use some improvement. We improved the overall design to make app usage and navigation more intuitive and user-friendly. And of course, we’ve exterminated those pesky bugs that users have reported on our app.

We couldn’t do it without your support! 👍

What can you expect to experience with the new Dreamfora?

· 1-Tap Planning Wizard

· Goal set overview

· Progress page

· Clean, sleek design

· Easy-to-use planning and organization

· Extermination of those pesky bugs

It’s been a long journey accomplishing our dream of creating Dreamfora. Now, we are finally ready to share our app with the world to help others achieve their goals.

Please share your thoughts on our app and spread the word to your friends so that the Dreamfora team can keep moving forward and help you and your friends live ambitious, passionate lives.


What is the 1-Tap Planning Wizard?

The 1-Tap Planning Wizard is a simple function to give users access to various goal achievement plans made by people who have already achieved those dreams.

Users can have access to up to 5 goals using the 1-Tap Planning Wizard. We set this limit to make sure our users stay on track and are not overwhelmed with multiple goals. Studies show that focusing on a few tasks at a time is more effective than juggling a huge load of tasks at once.

What is the Progress page?

Our Progress page allows users to see their progress on one convenient page. You can view which days you’ve successfully completed all your habits and compare them to the days in which you did not. You can also check out your Task Progress & Dream Progress and see how close you are to achieving your dreams!


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