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The 9 best habit tracker apps to create a new routine in 2023, tested by us

Forming new routines can be tricky, but the best habit tracker apps will make reaching your 2023 goals a breeze

The best habit tracker apps may just be the key to transforming your routines in 2023. Whether you are hoping to begin new healthy practices, or want to remove negative tendencies from your life, habit tracking can help you stick to resolutions into the New Year and beyond.

There are several different approaches you can take to habit tracking, but having a simple and accessible app on your phone is one of the easiest ways to hold yourself accountable throughout the day. I have been trying to commit to regular exercise, eating healthy, and taking more time for hobbies to no avail, so I enlisted a range of apps to help me on this journey. From the best meditation apps to digital checklists, I wanted to discover which habit tracker apps would really help those like me in search of a lifestyle change.

"The best way to build a habit is to commit to it. Make a plan to do this new thing at the same time each day, week, or month, tell others that you have a new plan that you’d like their support with, write it down, track it in an app, put it in your calendar," advises life coach Kate Waterfall Hill. "Building a positive habit of exercise, or blocking out 30 minutes each day to meditate, do admin, plan your day, or get started on a big project, is a great way of making steps to achieve your goals." With this in mind, I added each of my new habits to my apps and got stuck in.

Although most people associate habits with physical wellness, it's just as important to ensure that you are making time to improve your mental health and work on hobbies. As one of the best habit tracker apps, I love that Dreamfora not only encourages habits like exercise and drinking water but also helps with learning a new language and teaching you how to combat SAD. I found it extremely useful to use the pre-made habit routines in the app, as this removed the tricky organizational element often attached to habit tracking.

Dreamfora also looks at habits in the long term, allowing you to set deadlines months in advance for ticking off a goal like losing weight. Plus, each habit you track is accompanied by tips and advice from the World Health Organization and other experts to ensure you are remaining healthy throughout your journey. If you want to gently ease yourself into habit tracking, Dreamfora provides a series of gradual steps to achieve each goal, which I found made the whole process a lot less daunting.


Published by Women & Home

Written by Amelia Yeomans

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